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New York At Its Core

New York, NY

The Museum of the City of New York embarked on a new adventure with the permanent exhibition New York At Its Core, a three gallery, 8,000 square foot exhibition on the history of New York City. Since its opening in November 2016, the exhibit has won an AIANY Design Award and Architizer Award. The gallery’s culminating exhibit, the Future City Lab, allows visitors to create their own futuristic city. They can add vegetation, transportation, alternative energy, and even populate their designs with real New Yorkers. After finishing, visitors can step inside their own creations using motion sensor technology, and play-act alongside virtual neighbors.

As the project manager and designer of the Future City Lab, the gallery dedicated to the future of New York City, I was tasked with designing a space that engages the visitor with both analog and digital components and creating an aesthetic that responds to the audio/visual components developed by UX designers Local Projects.





Museum of the City of New York


Studio Joseph: Wendy Evans Joseph (principal in charge)


Opened November 2016


Thomas Loof

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