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Private Residence

New York, NY

This private resident in Midtown Manhattan was originally three separate apartments that were combined over the years. When Studio Joseph was first presented with the project, ceiling heights did not correspond, unused HVAC systems were left in the ceilings, and there was a lack of unifying character in the apartment. Our strategy was to open the apartment by moving the kitchen to connect the dining and living areas, create a hallway to connect the private spaces in the back, and remove any unnecessary barriers in lines of sight. A bathroom core anchored the otherwise white apartment with black wood that matched the floors.

As a designer on this project, I assisted in the schematic designs and construction drawings, and I detailed all kitchen elements. I conducted product research for product appliances and presented the options to the client. The client is currently living in and enjoying their new home.






Studio Joseph: Wendy Evans Joseph (principal in charge)

Completed November 2016


Thomas Loof

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