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Warped Node

The Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc), Los Angeles, CA

Our project for a small airport in Ibaraki, Japan is about a warped node in a larger infrastructural system. The building and surrounding landscape are created from an expansive field of structural pins. The landscape is filled in with artificial soil. The pin field is then warped to move up and around the building, remaining a single surface. The pins are held together in the building with a diagrid, which structurally strengthens the building.

Under the local landscape, volumes are carved from the pin field to allow for car and airplane traffic and garages.

The building comprises of multiple layers, diminishing the idea of the building as a unique form, and more as a conglomeration of parts. The parts are from a continuous vector field, there is no
definition in them.

Through our excess layers and use of fields, we have created a building that cannot be read as a building, but one that is part of the larger airport system and local landscape.




Nanako Umemoto

with Kevin Chen

December 2013

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